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Pingxiang XINGFENG Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise which specialized in researching, manufacturing, engineering construction and technical service, located in Pingxiang City–”the City of Industrial Ceramic of China”.Our products are mainly used in petrochemical, oil refining, air separation, oxygen generation, chemical fertilizer, coal chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food, sulfuric acid, iron and steel, coking and other industries, and has been unanimously praised by users. We have establish cooperation relationship with many research institutes, and have strong technical support barriers.

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    Advanced design systems and the use of advanced ISO9001 2015 international quality management system management.

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    Founded in 1992, expand the new plant in 2013. Owns decades of professional experience & excellent design level

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    Provide samples. Strive for continuous improvement to ensure that our customers consistently receive the value and service.



Activated alumina refers to intermediate alumina, which can be mainly divided into three categories: high temperature alumina, low temperature alu...

What Happens If You Eat Silica Gel – Is It Toxic?

Fine-pored silica gel includes fine-pored spherical silica gel and fine-pored lumpy silica gel, which are transparent or semitransparent glass-like in appearance. Silica gel is a moisture absorber or desiccant that comes in little packets labelled “do not eat.” So, you may wonder what happens if...

Teamwork makes the dream work

Last Friday & Saturday, we enjoyed a teamwork in Wugong Mountain. Sing songs, BBQ ,yummy food etc. Working hard for the dream, inspiring without losing the taste of smoke and fire. 生活需要烟火,团队也是。 工作之余,同事小聚,山水一程,有幸相遇。相聚即是美好,在一起即是团队。 https://c163.go...