• XINGFENG 99% Pure Ball High Alumina Ball 

    XINGFENG 99% Pure Ball High Alumina Ball 

    High Alumina Ball XINGFENG 99% is equal Denstone 99 Support Media. It is in chemical composition99+% alpha alumina and a maximum 0.2wt% SiO2 . Because of its high alumina content and low silica (SiO2 ), it’s a very excellent and ideal product for high temperature and steam applications, such as secondary reformers in ammonia processing, where leached silica will coat downstream equipment or foul the catalyst bed.
    High Alumina Ball XINGFENG 99% has very excellent thermal properties, with its high density high-temperature resistance 1550℃, also it’s a good choice for heat retention or equilibration media.
    For its superior chemical resistance, it’s suitable for applications in olefin processes, such as ethylene dryers, where there’s the polymerization problem.