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    Differences Between Activated Alumina and Silica Gel


    Activated Alumina

    Activated alumina has much micro-paths, so the specific surface is large. It can be used as absorbent desiccant and catalyst carrier. It is also a kind of trace water desiccant and the pole-molecular absorbent, according to the absorbed molecular polarization, the attachment force is strong for water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali etc.

    Activated alumina is high strength, low abrasion, no soften in water, no expansion, no powdery, no crack. It can widely used in the deep drying of cracked gas, ethylene and propylene, hydrogen-generation, air separation, instrument air drying and fluorine treatment for H2O2, also in the absorbing pollution material, such as H2S, SO2, HF and paraffin in the water gas, especially in the drinking water defluorination.

    Molecular Formula: Al2O3 • nH2O

    Size: 0.4-1.2mm, 1-2mm, 2-3mm, 3-5mm, 4-6mm, 5-7mm, 6-8mm, 12-13mm etc


    Silica Gel

    Fine-pored silica gel includes fine-pored spherical silica gel and fine-pored lumpy silica gel, which are transparent or semitransparent glass-like in appearance.
    Fine-pored silica gel is also called Type-A silica gel.

     The gel is mainly used for desiccation and moisture absorption, and as catalyst carrier, adsorbent, separating agent and pressure-swing absorber as well. And mini-pack product is mainly applied in medical diagnosis, medicine, electronic and video and other industrial sectors.

    Molecular Formula: mSiO2·nH2O

    Size: 0.5-1.5mm, 1-2mm,1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 4-8mm

    Which is Better?

    Because of its advantages in isolation and purification, a growing percentage of silica gel users are moving to alumina. Although silica gel may appear acceptable and consumers may feel at ease with it, the numerous benefits provided by alumina make the changeover a viable alternative for most silica users.


    As you can see, which is the best choice for your manufacturing solutions, it all depends on your project.

    Contact us and we are sure that we can deliver the highest quality one to you.

    Post time: Nov-08-2023